Saturday, July 4, 2009


Please note that the Sungai Siput tournament as announced in PICA's calender is now NOT a PICA event. PICA's committee apologises for any confusion.

Our next event is now Syuen's grand prix. PICA's up and coming big guns have now aimed their sights on this event and we are working hard to make this the biggest and best PICA event yet in Perak. Penang has said that they will support with one busload of players. Zuraidah from KL is also arranging for KL players to come to this event. So Shafruddin of Selangor please expect a call from me soon. Azhar and all our other friends out there, you'll also be hearing from me. We hope you will all lend us your support to make this a memorable chess day. Do look out for details coming soon. It's on the 16th of August. Please block off this date for a day in Perak.

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