Sunday, July 26, 2009

UTP results

Another successful chess event in Perak. PICA played a role in managing the U12 and U15 event. I understand that the Open event may be sent for national rating. I am glad to hear that. It is important that our boys and girls get themselves national rated so they have a slight edge in national tournaments. Every little thing counts if we are to get our players back to the national arena. It's been too long since we have a Perakian in the national squad.

Here are our results.

U12 (19 players - winners are top 5)

1. Muhammad Wafly
2 Shreyes Subramaniam
3. Ahmad Adib
4. Nadzrah
5. Ee Kong Yu

U15 (37 players - winners are top 5)

1. Fong Yit San
2. Sarika Subramaniam
3. Ong Min Junn
4. Ezaq Mohd Zaki
5. Ee Kong Yun

This is the first time I have met Ong Min Junn. He is from ACS. Well done for 3rd placing. Hope to see more of you in other chess events.

Here are the results for the OPEN (69 players - winners are top 10).

For Perak, I am happy to see Fazil Nayan fighting strong and coming in 5th placing. Azizul Hakim, Limau Bali stalwart came in 6th. Then we have our Perak coach for MSSM Jamal Husni in 7th place. Perak senior player, Ahmad Mudzaffar, just got pipped from top 10 placing coming in 11th. And strong Limau Bali presence from 12th to 16th placing. Looks like Limau Bali is a good place to practice chess.

For detailed results, please go to the links below:

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