Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hi fellow chess enthusiasts,

This is our latest tournament. We are hoping that this will be our biggest tournament to date. To achieve this we are working with our joint venture partners JPN. So this is a PICA/ Unit Sukan tournament. Our main sponsors are Tenby Educare Schools and Syuen Hotel Ipoh. So do come and support us as well as enjoy a day of chess.

To ensure we have a timely event, please register your names with us early. Early payment and registration can also be made via email. See details on link below. Please do this as we are expecting guests from out of state.

Note: This event is National Rated for Open category. We will try for the other categories depending on turn out. ( You can check your National Rating on the right. )

88 Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil, Greentown, 30300 Ipoh, Perak

Date/Time: Sunday 16th August 2009 - 8am to 6pm
Registration: 8am to 9am
1st round: 9.30am

Categories: Open, U15, U12

Our first prize for Open category is RM1000 sponsored by Tenby Educare Schools.

Click here for registration form, payment and tournament details


Sunday, July 26, 2009

UTP results

Another successful chess event in Perak. PICA played a role in managing the U12 and U15 event. I understand that the Open event may be sent for national rating. I am glad to hear that. It is important that our boys and girls get themselves national rated so they have a slight edge in national tournaments. Every little thing counts if we are to get our players back to the national arena. It's been too long since we have a Perakian in the national squad.

Here are our results.

U12 (19 players - winners are top 5)

1. Muhammad Wafly
2 Shreyes Subramaniam
3. Ahmad Adib
4. Nadzrah
5. Ee Kong Yu

U15 (37 players - winners are top 5)

1. Fong Yit San
2. Sarika Subramaniam
3. Ong Min Junn
4. Ezaq Mohd Zaki
5. Ee Kong Yun

This is the first time I have met Ong Min Junn. He is from ACS. Well done for 3rd placing. Hope to see more of you in other chess events.

Here are the results for the OPEN (69 players - winners are top 10).

For Perak, I am happy to see Fazil Nayan fighting strong and coming in 5th placing. Azizul Hakim, Limau Bali stalwart came in 6th. Then we have our Perak coach for MSSM Jamal Husni in 7th place. Perak senior player, Ahmad Mudzaffar, just got pipped from top 10 placing coming in 11th. And strong Limau Bali presence from 12th to 16th placing. Looks like Limau Bali is a good place to practice chess.

For detailed results, please go to the links below:

UTP Open 2009 Interim Ranking List
UTP Open 2009 Table Tie-Breaks


Sunday, July 19, 2009

MBSSKL- Results

Our boys and girls are back. I am told Perak had one of the biggest contingent there. And we did credibly well for our first busload venture out of State apart from MSSM.

Here are our results. For more detailed results please go to gilachess on the right hand side of this blog.

U14 Boys
No Perak placing

U14 Girls
Fatin Mashitah - 5th place

U17 Boys
Fong Yit Ho - 2nd place
Fong Yit San - 4th place

U17 Girls
Nur Afizan - 3rd place
Nora Zakaria - 4th place
Fatin Nadhirah - 6th place

U20 Girls
Fong Mi Yen - 1st place
Nur Munirah - 2nd place
Putri Nurfariza - 6th place

From the results it looks like the U14 boys and girls will need a lot of work to catch up. The point is this. We are moving now but we need to move faster if we are to catch up. Chess has experienced an explosion in many of our states and they have spent a lot of time and resources to play this game well. All the same, well done to all our players that got a placing. You have done Perak proud.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Benefits of Chess

Article published in Ipoh Echo, Issue February 1-15, 2009:

Chess is considered a mental sport. What this means is that it develops thinking skills. From what I call the mysteries of the 64 squares, the opening, middle and end games chess teaches tactics, positioning, timing, judgement and risk taking etc. And when it is played in a timed tournament environment it teaches thinking under pressure.

But in my mind it's the other aspects of chess that deserve more recognition. For over the last 5 years that I have been involved in Perak chess, it has been my honour to see the fighting spirit of our kids. To see their fire and determination to win. To see both the joy from winning and the tears of anguish after a loss.

It is from this passion that I see an opportunity and a challenge. The opportunity is for parents, chess associations and chess officials to teach our children how to compete and develop themselves at the same time. For chess can also teach the meaning of strategy. Strategy encompasses the big picture. Understanding ourselves, the type of game we like and don’t like, the type of game our opponents like and don’t like, the time frames for the execution of those strategies. Strategy encompasses every factor/variable that can affect outcome.

And so there is the opportunity for the learning of goal setting, planning and the discipline of training. For without the passion, these are difficult skills to impart. Competition and pressure also exposes the effects of negative thinking and the accompanying strong emotions. And so there is the opportunity to teach our kids on how to rise up again from their defeats, to set more realistic goals, to plan better, to train harder for the next time.

And the challenge? The challenge will be to keep that fighting spirit alive through the adversity. To keep that light in their eyes. Our challenge is to guide our kids till they are ready to handle the world on their own as they must someday. For if the lessons are well learned our kids will now have the tools to set and attain whatever goals they give themselves later in life. For me this is complimentary to academic achievements.

Raymond Siew

Friday, July 17, 2009


Up, up and away. Perak sends a team by busload! Our first busload organised jointly by PICA and Unit Sukan.

The new chess leadership in Perak is learning what we can achieve when we all work together for our kids. 25 of Perak's Lions and Lionesses are going to do battle in KL for their State. Win or lose they will bring that experience back to Perak and add to the circle of learning. I am not able to go due to other commitments but my thoughts and best wishes are with our team. So go Perak go!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

UTP Open Chess Championship

Hi Guys

There is another chess tournament in Perak for this month. This is on the 25th July at UTP.

Registration is from 8-9.25am. Please click here for further details:

Here's to more tournaments in Perak.


Saturday, July 4, 2009


Please note that the Sungai Siput tournament as announced in PICA's calender is now NOT a PICA event. PICA's committee apologises for any confusion.

Our next event is now Syuen's grand prix. PICA's up and coming big guns have now aimed their sights on this event and we are working hard to make this the biggest and best PICA event yet in Perak. Penang has said that they will support with one busload of players. Zuraidah from KL is also arranging for KL players to come to this event. So Shafruddin of Selangor please expect a call from me soon. Azhar and all our other friends out there, you'll also be hearing from me. We hope you will all lend us your support to make this a memorable chess day. Do look out for details coming soon. It's on the 16th of August. Please block off this date for a day in Perak.

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