Sunday, July 19, 2009

MBSSKL- Results

Our boys and girls are back. I am told Perak had one of the biggest contingent there. And we did credibly well for our first busload venture out of State apart from MSSM.

Here are our results. For more detailed results please go to gilachess on the right hand side of this blog.

U14 Boys
No Perak placing

U14 Girls
Fatin Mashitah - 5th place

U17 Boys
Fong Yit Ho - 2nd place
Fong Yit San - 4th place

U17 Girls
Nur Afizan - 3rd place
Nora Zakaria - 4th place
Fatin Nadhirah - 6th place

U20 Girls
Fong Mi Yen - 1st place
Nur Munirah - 2nd place
Putri Nurfariza - 6th place

From the results it looks like the U14 boys and girls will need a lot of work to catch up. The point is this. We are moving now but we need to move faster if we are to catch up. Chess has experienced an explosion in many of our states and they have spent a lot of time and resources to play this game well. All the same, well done to all our players that got a placing. You have done Perak proud.