Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reminder - Ipoh Junior Chess Tournament

Hi guys

A friendly reminder. I am very appreciative of PICA AJK Zaki's effort to bring a junior tournament to Perak. The age range is from standard one. So I hope you will all support this. In the more advanced chess states the players enter the tournament circuit from the age of 5. In Perak the normal entry age is around 11 or 12 for MSSM. So if you think about it. Our boys and girls will meet 7 to 8 years battle hardened veterans when they first meet on the MSSM field in the same age group. Not a level playing field.

So do tell your friends, younger siblings and teachers. This is one event we really need in Perak. Look for details in my earlier post - Ipoh Junior Chess Tournament.

It is conducted by Insofar Chess Academy on the 5th of July. Good luck Zaki, I wish your tournament every success.