Monday, June 22, 2009

Clearwater Sanctuary International Chess-results

Looks like I'm going to have to find the manual for the camera. For those of you with exceptional eyesight. This is the group photo with the winners and our AJK's.

Hi guys,

We just completed our event at clearwater. There were a few minor hiccups but all in all the event was fairly well run with our new president chipping in. Our apologies to Encik Azhar from Selangor for the confusion over the rating. The AJK responsible for the event was not present in our exco meeting where we decided that we were going to use National ratings for our events. We will have to improve our internal communication and procedures. We hope that all in all you and your family had a good time in Perak.

In this event we had good support from friends coming in from Selangor and KL (and of course our strong supporter the Subramaniam family from Camerons). A strong field was present for this event. National Senior player, Che Hassan, National juniors, Nabil, Shakir and Sumant. KL player, Jian Wen came with his parents.

We also had strong enthusiasts, Dr Paul, his nephew and Shiva coming all the way from KL. A special mention also for Nabilah and Najiha our national juniors who both brought back golds from Vietnam in the recent Asean games for the under10 and under12 categories. Congratulations! And thank you all and every one else I didn't get to mention for coming.

We had 71 players in all and I am glad to see there are a few Perak players in the top 10 for the Open category.

Here are the results. I have indicated Perak players by the side of their names. So you guys, work harder.


1. Sumant Subramaniam
2. Abdullah Che Hassan
3. Muhammad Nabil
4. Mark Siew (Perak)
5. Fong Yit Ho (Perak)
6. Wong Jianwen
7. Ahmad Mudzafar (Perak)
8. Muhd Syakir
9. Fong Yit San (Perak)
10. Ahmad Fadzil Nayan (Perak)


Mat Zaki Yeop (Perak)

Zaki, our apologies for the mix up over your prize.


Boy: Shreyes Subramaniam

Girl: Puteri Azha


I am a little confused about the results. My apologies.