Thursday, June 4, 2009

Batu Gajah tournament

Hi guys

Just got back from National Close with our Perak team so had to miss the Batu Gajah event. From the reports I have received so far, it was a success. I am pleased that we have one Perakian on the top 10 winners list in the open category. Syamil got 5th place in a field that brought many strong national level players. Syamil has been a long time chess player for Perak but has dropped off for a while. Still sharp after all this time. So Congratulations SYAMIL!! I hope you will now pursue the FIDE route.

I don't want to repeat what Arshad has done in the terengannu blog. So go to that link to get a full report on this event. It's on the right hand side of this blog. Look for Terengganu Chess Association. Thanks Arshad. The results can also be found in gilachess.

Will post on our men and womens team in the National Close later. Do add yourself as a follower so you can be notified when there is a new post so as not to miss out.