Sunday, May 3, 2009

Welcome to Perak Chess Association's Official Blog

The new committee of PICA would like to announce our list of events for the year. The list is tentative and subject to change. Please write in to for further information. To fully use this blog please also sign up at the sign up box so that you can be sent the special mailings that will be delivered to your email box. This is a double opt-in system and you will need to go to your email box after signing up and open up the email from us to confirm that you want to receive our mailings. If you just want to follow the latest postings of events in this blog, please click on the followers tab on the right hand side and you will be sent an email informing you of the latest posting.

31st May: Batu Gajah Grand Prix

30th May-3rd June: National Close

21st June: Clearwater Sanctuary

26th- 28th June: Camp Bakat

12th July: Sg. Siput Grand Prix ( Taken out of calender )

18th July: MBSSKL Invitational chess tournament

16th August: Syuen Grand Prix

28th August-1st September: Merdeka team event

14th-15th November: Perak Close

6th-10th December: National Junior

13th December: CRC Grand Prix

Raymond Siew
Chairman - Education and Training Committee