Monday, May 18, 2009

Historical cooperation with MCF & Unit Sukan

PICA's new president for development, Chan Swee Loon (NM) - paying off the man. If there was music in this blog, I would pipe in "Hail to the Chief".

Thank you Ustaz Rahman from Chess enthusiasts in Perak.

On the 16th and 17th May, the sub committee for education and training managed to hold an historical event. A swiss managers course for stage arbiters attended by 26 participants ( 7 from PICA and 19 from Unit Sukan ). For the first time in Perak history we held a joint event with MCF and Unit Sukan. To conduct this event required a huge paradigm shift in Perak chess get this off the ground we had many dialogues, with MCF, travelling up and down KL, phone calls and emails, many discussions with unit sukan and many discussions in the new committee and among individual committee members...even heated arguments! I say this is healthy for we are all for development and as a new team we are bound to have different opinions on how to do things and do it well. Now we can truly say Perak boleh and believe it! For now the people who want to get things done have a small "victory" over the nay sayers...One small more cooperation.....

But as they say in chess, a winning position does not mean a win!!! As Tun Mahathir said recently over the Perak political fiasco, "people easily forget" So it's not over till the fat lady sings. Lets remain watchful and vigilent. Members included, exercise your voice. PICA is an NGO for the state of Perak, not a private club for the priviledged, selfish and jaded. Hold the new committee accountable.

Now we have a small team that can conduct swiss managers events...One more small step....

We were so excited that PICA is now holding another historical event. With our new found skills we are now holding our first National Rated tournament in Perak on the 31st of May in Batu Gajah. Check out the next posting for details....Another small step.....

Raymond Siew
Education and Training committee