Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Last Post

Dear All

I want to thank all my readers for the support you given me since I started this blog on behalf of PICA. Our blog is now listed in all the major chess blogs in Malaysia and with over 5000 hits to date, a fairly well visited site. It has been my honor and priviledge to serve Perak chess during my term as webmaster. However as a result of new guidelines from our committee, I find that I will not have the time to undertake this responsibilty any longer. And so I have to relinquish this post.

I also hope that a new volunteer will step forward to bring this blog to newer heights. If you want to enquire as to the guidelines for PICA's webmaster please contact me and I will forward it to you as well as bring your name to our committee for consideration.

Part of the guidelines state that there will be fair coverage of all chess activities and so I am certain you will continue to be well served.

Raymond Siew