Monday, August 17, 2009

Announcement- Perak players from Syuen

As announced by the selection committee earlier on the criterias, these will be the players representing Perak for the merdeka team tournament.

1. Ahmad Fadzil Nayan
2. Suhaimi Mustafa
3 Mohd Johan Mohamed Jamil
4. Ng Zhan Jian

Based on result from Syuen Tournament

1. Sumant Subramaniam
2. Mark Siew Kit-Tze
3. Fong Yit San
4. Fong Yit Ho

Decision of Selection committee


The top six were to have a play off with top district players. However we are not sure now how the JPN ban will affect the play off.

Based on result from Syuen tournament.

Mr Chan, our President, has kindly consented to take charge of this event on behalf of the selection committee. Please coordinate with him directly on any queries. His number is 019 5563027.