Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng Chess Championship Grand Final

The grand final will be held in the Syuen Hotel in Ipoh on 8 July 2012.


 Those wishing to take part should pay to PICA account in Maybank (0-08177-318240) and email details and bank payment slip to or register through Yunus (013 3908129). The entry form is as follow.
Only those who have paid and forwarded the payment slip are confirmed.  Entries by SMS will be put on the reserve list and are not confirmed.

The prizes in the grand final are doubled compared to the previous round.  The winners of the GP prizes (8 prizes totaling Rm2,500) will also be decided in this leg.  The leading contenders for the 8 GP prizes are:
1)  Ahmad Fadzil Nayan                          50 points
2) Fong Yit San                                        41 points
3) Syamaizar Lup                                    20 points
4) Johan Jamil  &  Tan Khai Boon          17 points
6) Ahmad Mudzafar                                16 points
7) Fong Yit Ho                                         14 points
8) Shreyes Subramaniam                         11 points
and 21 others with 1 to 9 points.